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Twilight vs The Twilight Saga:Twilight

I've always had a bit of a soft point for the Twilight books. I love books that you can spend hours reading and that get you to think but conversely I like sometimes to read something that's quick, mindless and I can just enjoy as something that is what it is. Twilight, both the films and the books, I feel falls into this category.

The film adapation needs to be taken with a pinch of salt. It's aimed at the teen "twi-hards" that dream of having their very own Edward Cullen to be with and of course the film panders to that. The book is written from Bella's point of view and a lot of her thoughts have to become vocalised through dialogue in the film than her having a voice-over.

The plot as a whole is mostly intact. Some of the conversations between characters have been cut or moved to different settings but it is nothing that causes any loss in coherency. The book does have a tendency to come across as bland at points and the film does help to ramp up the excitement, spending more time on the scenes were characters are fighting or bringing out tensions, rather than the discussions of their emotions. For example, instead of Edward just telling Bella how dangerous he is as in the book, he demonstrates in the film. Scenes that could have become stale and boring have become more interesting for a film audience to watch.

Major difference between the book and the film include:
  • The "bad" vampires are introduced far earlier in the film than the book. They make killings around the Forks area and are tracked by Charlie and the Police Force. In the book they do not make an appearance until the baseball scene
  • Jacob and Billy are introduced right at the start of the film, bringing a truck for Bella to use. In the book Jacob is not introduced until Bella goes to La Push beach and he tells her about the Cullens
  • The character of Lauren does not exist in the film, she's a pretty minor character anyway.
  • In the scene where a car nearly hits Bella, Edward stops it then disappears and Bella is left standing. In the book they are both trapped between the two cars
  • A major chapter is lost from the book where blood typing in a Science class takes place and Bella faints. Although it does nothing to push the plot line along it is fairly important to the emotional development of the characters relationship.
  • In the ballet studio in the book James reveals to Bella that he knows where Alice came from and her human past, something she cannot recall, this has been cut from the film.
  • Bella is under the impression in the book she will be changed into a vampire and that is why Edward dresses her up - not for her to attend prom, in the film she is aware that it is prom she is going to.
  • The vampire Victoria makes an appearance at the end of the film watching Bella and Edward from a distance. This is just the film setting itself up for the sequels.

It's a young good looking cast, and let's face it they could have created a script completely different to the book and teens would still enjoy the franchise. You are really only going to end up watching this film if you liked the books (or get dragged along) The books give you a better understanding of the way the characters feel about each other but at the end of the day you are not missing out on much.

Twilight [DVD]  [2009] Directed by Catherine Hardwick, Starring Rob Pattinson and Kristen Stewart. Rated 12

Twilight (Twilight Saga)[2005] Written by Stephanie Meyer. Available in Paperback and Kindle Edition

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