Friday, 30 December 2011

Choosing Books

I'm not sure if I should think about creating an organisational system for the way I chose books and films for this blog, I'm thinking that once I have a substantial amount of comparisons I will create groupings in the side bar of my blog to make it easier to find films and books that I have done. I am also thinking that I may create top 10 films that are great adaptations of the books and also top 10 worse adaptations. But first I need to read and watch some!

I've realised that choosing the next book and film set is not actually an easy task! There is just too much choice!  I've decided I will mix and match to begin with rather than doing a whole series of books or all one genre to get a good mix in there for any readers.

So my next book (prepare for the groans) is going to be Twilight. Put it this way, millions of teens can't be wrong can they? Stay tuned...

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