Tuesday, 27 December 2011

And the First Book Is...

Fight Club! I decided to chose a book for a film that I had already seen but not read. I'm a pretty fast reader so I'm hoping to have it read by the end of the week. I'm at chapter 10 already and enjoying it thus far. I have realised that this blog will inevitably end up containing spoilers but I will make sure that if I do post an entry that contains spoilers I will mark it clearly. I'm guessing that the way that I write entries will depend on whether I have read the book and then watched the film or vice-versa. As I'm reading Fight Club I can picture the film rather than creating my own images in my head but we shall see as it pans out! Anyway as much as I would like to continue reading and blogging I have work so until next time (when I have finished the book) goodbye!

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  1. I also love reading books, hope you could post some of Dan Browns books. I love science fiction books. And if it would not be hastle for you I wanted to be part of your blog someday. Keep it up my friend.